Angelika Kirchmeyer
Angelika Kirchmeyer is the Managing Partner of Procateo KG.

Ms. Angelika Kirchmeyer grew up in Europe, is a native German speaker combined with complete fluency in English as well as proficiency in other languages such as French. Ms. Kirchmeyer finished Law School in 1997, and sought further education in Sociology and Computer Science.

Ms. Kirchmeyer works in software industry since 1996. Originally specializing in international contracts and IPR agreements, Ms. Kirchmeyer focuses today mostly on business management. Prior to joining Procateo KG, Angelika served as President and CEO of Quappa Inc., an American software company located in Washington, D.C.

Ms. Kirchmeyer is the co-author of market studies and expert reports covering an entire range of areas and subjects, such as “Broadband Communication in the United States”, “Federal Agencies and their Role for Food Industry", “The Future of Modeling and Simulation", “Digital Media”, "Opportunities in Mechanical Engineering", and many more.

Angelika is a member and served in the board of directors of the GER, the German Executive Round Table based in Washington, DC. She served in the board of directors and is a lifelong honorary member of Loudoun Community Band, Inc. She is also a member of the United States' Cosmos Club chess team and the German Caissa Schwarzenbach chess club.

In her free time, Ms. Kirchmeyer creates cartoons and plays French horn and trumpet with local bands and with the Collegium Musicum symphony in Trier.